Sleep Apnoea Assessment

Please answer true or false to the questions below.

1. I snore / have been told that I snore

2. My partner tells me that I stop breathing at intervals during the night

3. I wake up gasping / choking during the night

4. I have noticed that my heart is beating faster / irregular / or pounding during the night

5. I have had teeth removed due to over crowding

6. I grind my teeth / clench my jaw

7. I wake up with a dry mouth

8. I suffer with acid reflux

9. I suffer with insomnia

10. I have thyroid problems

11. My blood pressure is raised / I take medication for high blood pressure

12. I have headaches, especially in the morning

13. I feel tired / exhausted during the day

14. I have poor concentration

15. I am irritable / moody / depressed

16. I have type 2 diabetes / I am pre-diabetic

17. My weight is above the recommended level

18. I pass urine at least twice a night

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